About Casa Berbere

About Casa Berbere
There is something to be said for taking the road less traveled. For turning down an underlit alleyway or hiking up a mountain to a ramshackle workshop. Audacious exploration is often rewarded with unexpected, treasured discovery. A shared human experience and an appreciation for the remarkable ingenuity of man, regardless of station, bring the sojourner and the local together.  

Art is as old as humankind itself. Since the birth of civilization, man has endeavored to capture and recreate beauty found in the natural world. Sometimes, man succeeds.

Found in ornate salons and through unmarked doors, down dimly lit corridors and riad courtyards, in the studied ateliers of local artisans and the considered assemblages of judicious collectors – as if through divine providence – this collection of objects is a convocation of the exquisite moments where civilization has caught the lightning bolt of creative genius and channeled it into form.

Casa Berbere is a story of lives past and of a shared human ancestry. It is a story of ceremonial artwork produced by one of the last surviving headhunting tribes perched high in the Himalayas. It is a monument to the smooth curvature of a Moroccan oil vessel, the time-weathered wood of an ancient Chinese bench, sculptural copper anklets once used as currency – every item from this globally-sourced collection is a memoir. Regardless of cultural dissonance, we find a sacred language of shared hopes, fears, happiness, and the sublime. In these objects and in spaces populated by them, we discover the human condition itself.

Casa Berbere offers a curated selection of museum-quality objects d’art that, if not for relationships forged over decades of exploration and personal connection, would be destined to remain underappreciated or forgotten to the sands of time. This ever-changing assortment of objects is a robust account of human culture, from the lives of the artisans who created them and the daring travelers who found them, to the special role they play in our homes today – as a filament for igniting conversation and a more beautiful life.

Casa Berbere is a reliquary for and dealer of museum-quality artifacts and objets d’art, as well as a design studio, atelier and consultancy.